There are two categories of enrolment at St Joseph's School: Preference and Non Preference. Preference enrolment is granted by the Parish Priest. Criteria for Preference status includes:

  • The child is baptised Catholic

  • All other children in the family are baptised Catholic

  • One or both parents are baptised Catholic

  • A significant other is baptised Catholic (Grandparent / Godparent)

  • Either parent is participating in the RCIA programme

It is therefore necessary to make an appointment with the Parish Priest at the earliest convenient time. The parish phone number is 03 539 1251. If your child has not been baptised at St Mary’s Church Nelson you will need to take a copy of their Baptismal Certificate. Once the Parish Priest has issued you a Preference Card you will need to bring it to the school office. We will retain this for our records. A Preference Card is needed for each child.  Non Preference enrolment is limited to 10% of children on the school roll and is the responsibility of the Principal.  All new enrolments will need to have the following documents, as well as the enrolment forms: NZ Birth Certificate or Passport, Immunisation records, Preference Card. If the child was not born in New Zealand you must provide evidence of New Zealand residency or work visa or student visa. For more information on enrolments at St Joseph's School, please email or phone the school office.

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