Leadership + Support

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini.


As a teacher for nearly 30 years - 27 of those at St Joseph's - Chris Gladstone was appointed Principal in 2017 after 19 years in the Deputy Principal role. Chris has a strong connection to St Mary’s Parish that began in 1976 as the place where she was married, her youngest child was baptised and she was confirmed into the Catholic faith.  She is passionate about creating exciting learning for children based on the principles set out in the New Zealand and St Joseph’s School Curriculums, and is wholeheartedly committed to working with the school community to implement  programmes that will ensure the success of all children within their personal ability. Please feel free to contact our principal on chris.gladstone@stjosephsnelson.school.nz





Nicola has been teaching for nine years and at St Joseph’s for nine years - saying that she hit the jackpot when joining the team straight out of University! Her driving force as a teacher and Deputy Principal is working with young people, which she describes as both rewarding and challenging. Nicola aspires to be an educator who instills a love of learning and shares the passion of have for education and believes in giving students opportunities to be risk takers in their learning, and to be creative problem solvers, who can work with others and achieve to the best of their abilities. She believes that what sets St Joseph's apart from other schools is that teachers are focused on nurturing and growing the 'whole' child, to create compassionate human beings. Nicola has high expectations of our young people which she knows sets the bar for students for the rest of their lives.





  • Work cohesively with the board, staff, students, parents / caregivers to extend our school vision ‘That we may have life and have it to the full’ and our school values - caring for ourselves, caring for others and caring for our world.
  • Ensure that openness, respect and support are key values within working relationships.
  • Reach for excellence in all educational practices.
  • Continue to develop my passion of planning and assessment and being a part of creating exciting learning for children, based on the principles set out in the New Zealand Curriculum and our St Joseph’s School Curriculum.
  • Value the richness of the God given gifts within the members of our school community and empower them to share these for the good of self and all people.
  • Keep our school at the forefront of education through professional development and open communication with stakeholders.
  • Look at ways to guide staff and students to develop their: spiritual, aesthetic,emotional / social, Physical and intellectual dimensions in support of our school’s vision ‘That we may have life and have it to the full’ (based on John 10:10).
  • Disseminate the board’s vision and strategic plan with staff and the wider school community.
  • Support all teachers and teacher aides in their role.
  • Get to know each child in our school.










Our Incredible Support Team - Justin Keeling & Jade Gibbins

St Joseph’s is the kind of school where you can leave in 2001 and return in 2013, walk into the office and have Justin say ‘Oh, hello again Annabelle’ like no time at all had passed. All students were acknowledged for their achievements whether academic, sporting or cultural. This support contributed to my later sporting success.”
— Annabelle Carey (NZ Rep Swimmer at Commonwealth and Olympic Games)