St Joseph’s Intermediate School 

Due to the spirit of St Joseph’s and the inclusiveness of the intermediate, I gained confidence as both an actor and a public speaker. Academically, I was challenged at the right level and this provided the platform for me to succeed in college. I have developed life-long friendships and have fond memories from the two senior years at the school.
— Frank Quin

We have high expectations for our intermediate students in both academic and behavioural areas. Teachers have high levels of integrity and work hard in a professional and collegial way to plan, assess and deliver interesting and effective programmes of learning.

Outside providers speak extremely highly of our children, “I would choose to work with St Joseph’s Intermediates every time” and “What a fantastic group of Intermediate students I worked with today.” 


What We Offer


Catholic Christian Education

St Joseph’s provides a Catholic education that does not over emphasize individualism and secular success, but puts these in a Christian context which also:

  • highlights the spiritual dimension of our humanity

  • promotes the development of the whole, well rounded person,

  • encourages personal success, personal morality, service to local and distant communities. 


A Seamless Educational Setting

Unlike any other Intermediate in Nelson our Intermediate teachers have at hand a rich source of information regarding your children. The source comprises those teachers, who have worked with your children in earlier years. The many formal discussions and informal chats that occur regarding Intermediate children are invaluable. There is no “starting again” or “starting from scratch”. This means that Intermediate student learning starts on day one of Year 7 – all the talking and sharing was done last year. If, later in the term, the Intermediate teacher requires even more information about learning, behavioural or social interactions regarding your child it is only a classroom or two away or is as close as morning tea time! 


A mixed learning environment

Rather than learning in a homogenous environment, St Joseph’s provides an educational setting where students mix with others of both sexes and from all sections of the community. Here they learn to work, play and interact with others from all strata of society, building tolerance and empathy. Feedback from Colleges attended by our Intermediate students assures us that they are very well prepared for their secondary schooling. 


Full Interschool Participation

Our students are involved in all academic, cultural and sporting events that are on offer in the Intermediate School community of Nelson and Tasman and, within this community, we achieve levels of success disproportionate to our relatively small numbers. Our intermediate students have twice won the Nelson Tasman Nelsomathix Intermediate Schools Competition and have twice represented the Top of the South Quiz and then represented this large area at national level quizzes (once coming second in New Zealand). 


Service Opportunities

These opportunities are promoted throughout the school from Year 3 on. Through these, students are encouraged to contribute to their communities in selfless ways that will create positive changes in the lives and situations of others. The culmination of this service occurs with the presentation of a special “Spirit of St Joseph’s - Service” badge in the Intermediate years for those who have demonstrated a significant level of selfless and unrewarded service to the school and/or wider community. 


Learning Extension

Children who excel are extended through a Gifted and Talented programme. Extension language classes occur once per week, French and Spanish are taught and Mandarin is a lunchtime option. When necessary students are interchanged between classes to effectively place them in a learning situation that best suits their needs. They do, however, spend most of their time in their home room. MultiLit is available for literacy support and an additional teacher is employed for mathematics support. 



Students receive technology tuition at Nelson Intermediate School. Areas covered include Food Technology, Biotechnology, Electronics and Soft & Hard Materials. 


Leadership Opportunities

St Joseph’s has approximately 280 children from Year 0 to Year 6. Our Intermediate students are in a unique position in Nelson in that, being the senior students in a Year 0 – Year 8 school, they can have a real and positive influence on the well being of the younger children and are in a position to play a significant part in maintaining and enhancing the positive culture within the school. 


Modern Facilities

Classrooms and furnishings are modern and bright, incorporating many current Modern Learning Environment (MLE) features. Each classroom has up-to-date Apple technology to view and share work and on-line information. A “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy operates, while computers are available for those who need them.


Education Outside the Classroom

In alternate years there are two camps. A one-week camp at Marahau includes tramping, sailing, abseiling, kayaking and other exciting challenges. The students begin this camp after tea on a Sunday and return on Friday afternoon. A winter camp is held the following year at Hanmer. This, too, lasts for one week and includes two trips to the ski field for skiing tuition. The Intermediates have always been involved in Stage Challenge and, when the Trafalgar Centre reopens or is replaced, this will continue. All students are required to participate in some way, giving them the opportunity to perform before a large audience.


Literacy and Numeracy

High expectations are placed on gaining life-long literacy and numeracy skills. Literacy skills are essential links between all curriculum areas and all facets of life. Our students’ needs and current interests are incorporated into a new literacy focus each term. Students develop their skills, knowledge and strengths as they learn to write to communicate ideas for a purpose and audience, read texts with understanding and actively participate in spoken interactions. In Numeracy, students are assessed and placed into four ability groups. This enables smaller class sizes and caters for those who require extension or support. Every student uses the online Mathletics programme to encourage rapid recall of basic facts and consolidate concepts.

Our academic programme encourages and supports students to participate in local, regional and national events such as: Nelson Mathix, Lit Quiz, interschool speeches, extension art classes, Stage Challenge, technology challenges, academic challenges, Science Fair and interschool sports tournaments.

Many of our children, who remain with us for their Intermediate schooling, achieve great success when they attend various secondary colleges, often attaining positions of responsibility in their senior years. They settle with ease into the college environment and quickly focus on their learning as they prepare for their NCEA exams.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.00.57 AM.png provided an environment that was safe and supportive, one where I began to flourish ... Academically we were pushed to a higher standard, it made the transition into high school a breeze. I am still in contact with St Joseph’s friends today.
— Jess Bygate (Basketball Scholarship in the U.S.)