Student Councillors


Appointment as School Councillors

Eight Intermediate students are elected by their peers each term. These students meet with the principal and deputy principal each week to discuss ways in which school life can be enriched. Beyond this, they are encouraged to create opportunities for younger children by developing and supervising a range of lunchtime activities. We value the input of these students and we incorporate some of their best ideas into our on-going practice. The school leavers’ booklet produced at the end of each year is an example of this. 


Appointment as Christian Service Leaders

Appointments are made by the staff. The students selected assist in many ways. The assistance they provide enhances their organisational skills and provides them with opportunities to speak publicly.

St Joseph’s encourages you to be ready to take leadership roles in college life by allowing seniors to elect councillors and even if you aren’t elected councillor you can still make a difference and show leadership in other areas. You transition to college with a set of friends that stick together.
— Lark Brudvik Lindner.