School lunches are available every Thursday



Sushi is back for Term 3. We have an awesome app that one of our amazing parents ( thank you Hamish Angus ) has made so you can order on that each week - up until 8.50am on each Thursday.

Aki have made a few changes to the menu for term 3, we now have available to us…. 

  • 8 pack of sushi (instead of 6) $6 - chicken, tuna, salmon or vegetarian

  • Rice Ball $4.50 - chicken, tuna or salmon

  • Full Stick $5.50 - chicken, tuna or salmon - sorry no half sticks any more

  • Lunch Box $5.50 - chicken on rice.

The app link is….

It’s so easy to order. Simply click the link above and you’ll get the home page. Down on the right hand side is the button ORDER SUSHi. If you click on here you will then be taken to a page where you need to fill out your child's name, room number and syndicate, followed by what they want to order. At the bottom of that page will be the date your ordering for. Once you place your order it will then give you the option to place another order or go to cart to buy. Once your in the cart you will be transferred to pay by POLI - basically internet banking. If you haven’t used this service before it’s completely safe. You will get charged an extra 5c per sushi order - this is to go towards the poli fees that we get charged,

PLEASE NOTE : You have until 8.50am each Thursday morning to order. After that you can’t order until the Friday for the following week.

You can no longer place your order in front of the school hall. YOU MUST use this website from now on. If you have any troubles with it, PLEASE email me and hopefully I can help.