St Joseph's School Pool


Opening Hours

Saturday 1st December 2018 to Sunday 31st March 2019


School Days: 6:30 - 8am ... Lane Swimming. | 3pm to Closing Time ... General Swimming

Weekends / School Holidays: 6:30 - 9am ... Lane Swimming.   |  9am to Closing Time ... General Swimming

THE POOL IS CLOSED : December to February: 8.30pm | Rest of Season: 6:30pm


Key Costs

School Community Price $130 plus a $20 key bond

Wider Community Price $140 plus a $20 key bond

$2 for Visitors accompanying a Key Holder


Forms to Complete

Pool Use Agreement (must be read and consented to)

Registered Key Holder Form

Payments may be made into the school account: 12-3165-0072145-00. These MUST have appropriate identification (name and/or key number)




Friends of the School Pool


With the new Health and Safety requirements, water quality standards and our compliance to Ministry of Education recommendations all place an onerous task on the school to keep the pool running. Over winter the BoT have been looking at how other local schools run their pools.

The common theme is that parents / pool users play an active role in running the pool over the summer.

We are looking at trialling a “friends of the pool” structure this summer as it has been very successful in other schools. We would like to hear from approximately 5 families that would help with running the pool and doing some simple water testing.

In return we are offering a 50% discount on annual key price. If you are interested please send the school an email with “ friends of the pool” in the subject line.

The annual key charge, which is now going to be $130 + $20 bond, for the pool is still cheaper than Hampden Street pool for school families. The cost for a casual visitor that is accompanying a key holder increases this year to $2 per swim (this compares to $7.20 for ASB Richmond Aquatic Centre, and $3 per child / $4 per child at Hampden Street Pool).



Changes to User Agreement


The Board has made some changes to previous User Agreements in order to reflect the new Healthy & Safety Act to give us all (the school, staff and YES pool users) some assurance and protection against liability when using the pool.


When you come to pick up your key from the school office we now need you to understand the following:

  • A householder is someone that resides at the home (address stated on the Registered Key Holder Form)

  • We are requesting that you read the Pool User Agreement and consent to the conditions

  • We need to make sure you are able to read your pool key number

  • Key users must be 18 years of age or older and be part of the household (if you need a grandparent/ nanny/ au pair etc to take your children to the pool, their names must be added to the Registered Key Holder form). A "family friend / baby sitter" does not fall into this category.

  • All householders (18 years of age or older) AND the above-mentioned grandparent/ nanny/ au pair must have their signature on the pool agreement. You are welcome to come 'pre-armed' with the signatures on paper, but each signature must have:

    1. the person's name written legibly next to it;

    2. the position of that person in the household (eg father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent, nanny, au pair)

    3. Age of the person (but only if under 20yrs of age)

  • You can add a Key User & their signature at a later date, but as well as the above (three) requirements, the additional signature MUST also have an existing householder's signature (with name) as well as the Pool Key Number.



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