Class Communication

As a Mum who often works away from home, it is great to be able to check up on what the kids are up to at school - to stay in touch with what’s going on day to day.
— parent at st Joseph's

All About Seesaw

by Holly Cameron, Rm 6.

Seesaw is a fantastic website where parents can see all the amazingly hard work their child has done at school. Well, first of all the teacher organises each child in her class their very own journal, with an animal emoji to symbolise it. 

This is how we do it: We take a photo of our work then tap the green tick to confirm it. Next, we can add effects to it like a voice-over to explain how we did it, or we could write labels on it and SO much more. We tick it again. Then we have to add it to our journal by scrolling down to find our name. Once we do, we tap our name and then tick the green tick. Finally, we add it to a category: Math, Reading, Writing, Art, etc etc.

How parents use it is simple. The teacher emails you the app. You go in and see your child learn and grow with each new update.

What I love about Seesaw is that is a fun and easy way for parents to watch their child enjoy learning new things.


I wanted the unicorn emoji to symbolise my journal! Instead, I got the turtle emoji!


Please contact your class teacher to get started.