Sarah Bouchut

Room 14


It is with great pleasure that I return to St Joseph’s School. This is where we have chosen for our three sons to attend school and where my education career has been enhanced.

In 2016, I taught in the senior syndicate at Nelson Central School. Last year was full of innovative, collaborative and future focused learning experiences and I look forward to incorporating this knowledge and pedagogy into our 2017 Intermediate classes. 


How long have you been teaching /  teaching at St Joseph’s?

 One year fulltime, however, had done other long-term relieving jobs. Teaching altogether almost four years.

Why did you want to become a teacher?

 To try and have a small part in shaping our future.

What's it like working with students at the age level you teach?.

 Amazing, you are constantly learning with them and it such an awesome age to interact with.

What do you think sets St Joseph's apart from other schools?

 Its culture and values.

What do you like to do when you're not teaching?

Running, yoga, hanging with my boys, spending time with family and camping.


Sarah  welcomes communication from parents and caregivers. Please email her on:

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