Renee Jepson

Room 9 TEACHER + head of upper middle school syndicate


How long have you been teaching / teaching at St Joseph’s? I have been teaching for 17 years now but only 2 years at St Josephs.

Why did you want to become a teacher? I always wanted to become a teacher, even as a little girl. I was the girl that would make her brother sit in her room while she played ‘schools’. Of course I was always the teacher. As a teenager I loved kids and adored looking after my cousins, so I think teaching was destined for me.

What's it like working with students at the age level you teach? It’s inspiring working with Year 5/6. They are at the stage where they are starting to grow up and do things for themselves. I like to challenge my students to think for themselves and be organised. I also like to stretch their capabilities.

What do you think sets St Joseph's apart from other schools? The students are what sets St Joseph’s apart from other schools. They are taught strong core values that are evident in their everyday learning. I feel they are kind, caring and inclusive.

What do you like to do when you're not teaching? I like to stay active by playing team sports, such as netball and basketball and also lifting weights. I also love spending time at the beach with my family and feel the happiest when I am in the ocean.


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